I love the way your smell lingers in my hair
It reminds that you are always there
Having somebody there
Makes thing easier
That’s what it’s about
Being there
For the one you love



Fairytales are all the same
The once upon a times
The In a lands far far away
They prince and the princess
The predictability
The reliability of our childhood stories
Give romance pretty big shoes to fill
But the thing is every person is different
Yet the same
Same beginning
Same ending
Kinda like a fairytale
Which goes to show
Love is unique
Love is the same for all
Despite all its different faces and names
Love is the
Just like the inevitable
Happily ever after

Love games

So sometimes I think to myself
About love
Love is undefinable
Love is multifaceted
It something books hope to capture
It is human nature
To crave love
It’s a drug
Not a bad one
But the good kind
The one that heals your pain
So we all play this love game
This game of games
Where no matter what we won’t
Stop even when we find it
We must work for it
And that is the reward
Working for love
Love is the never-ending game


Sorry it’s been while readers but I am back. Sometimes things take my attention away from this but I still plan on writing to you readers. Thank you so much for being so lovely and nice.

A hopeless romantic


We learn through doing
Through games
We learn to play
Playing leads to relationship
The games we play
Have intertwined our lives
Through all the tag
To all the late night talks
These games have led to
Something magical
Something Magical

Every Breath You Take

To My Love,

You are my strength my safety net. I can fall back on you. I’m so thankful and blessed because of you. You are what makes my life amazing. You may not see all the Amazing things you do for me but the world can see you in every smile of mine. You’re there you always have been (I’m talking about my heart)… No matter what you say you’re always good.

You inspire me. Everything you do who you are it inspires me. You are my muse. You never give up; you just try harder. No matter what you’ll never give up on what you love. Everything you have you give to others. Selfless, that’s it you’re selfless. Always giving never taking never asking for anything except other’s happiness. My muse my dear you never cease to amaze me.

My dear you want me to achieve my dreams. Reaching up for the stars does not seem so tough when you’re on somebody’s shoulder and they’re reaching for it too. Except they don’t reach for themselves they reach for me.

With you it’s easy as breathing; nothing scares me. You make me fearless. I am your favorite superhero but you’re better then a superhero because you are real. You are real and you are mine. You are the best gift I’ve ever gotten.

You ask if you’ve grown well we’ve grown together. Learning & Loving together. No matter what my come you are truly my favorite thing. No matter we have each other and that promise in itself makes my world a bazillion times brighter knowing I can face the world with my best friend at my side.

I am so thankful for every breath you take. Thank you so much for every breath you have ever taken cause with every breath we have become closer and closer.

Faithfully Yours,
A Hopeless Romantic [: ❤

October Thursday

Our hearts are
Tied together
By something we didn’t see coming
It didn’t hit us
It crept up on us though
And this connection
Just keeps getting stronger
With every passing day
I’m glad to say
That I gave my heart to you
on that amazing
October Thursday

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